Main Event Games

Yeehaw -Group gathers in a circle.

-The game starts with a “yee-haw” going around in a

circle (a fist comes down and across your body pointing the direction you wish

the yee-haw to travel)

-If someone looks the wrong direction or on the wrong side says yeehaw then they are out.

-They can then stand on the outer rim of the circle and talk into anyone’s ear to try to mess them up.

-As the game goes, you introduce new actions such as “pole barn” the action is to put your arms up above your head and say “pole barn” this then skips the person standing beside you and moves on to the next person in line.

-Next is “Down little Doggie” the action is to point across the circle to someone and the action skips to that person.

-The last action is recommended for very advanced groups, or groups who will play this game frequently. This action is “four shifter gearbox.”

When it is a person’s turn to perform they yell “four shifter gear box!”

The group must then all say “1-2-3-4” together (on the rhythm) and make the motion

of shifting gears. It is then the last person’s turn who said, “down little doggie.”

Zip Zip Zonk

-Sit your group in a circle. The 1st person starts by saying the word “zip”. One person says it after another around the circle… zip, zip ,zip, zip etc. -Now tell the players that the aim is for no one to be able to see their teeth. They must cover them with their lips at all times. (pull them over your teeth as you would if you were rubbing in lipstick. Now go around the circle again saying zip. (It sounds more like zaip now!!) -Explain to the players that they can change the direction that zip is going by saying zonk which makes it bounce around again the other way. -A person is caught out if any player sees another’s teeth. The accuser must show this by shouting teeth teeth, bending their arm up so their hand touches their shoulder and slapping their elbow. AT ALL TIMES TEETH MUST BE COVERED. People who are caught out must sit out of the circle.

When only 3 or 4 people are left have them stick out their tounges while keeping their teeth hidden. Keep playing the game. Eventually you should get a winner.

Silent Football

Objective: Each player’s objective in the game is to not lose. One loses by being the first to accumulate five penance points
Rules: All players are arranged in a circle. One player is selected to be the Dictator. The Dictator will basically run the game and will probably do most of the talking. Th Dictator can do anything s/he wants, including making up new rules, or changing the names of players to make things more entertaining.

Once everyone is arranged, the Dictator should explain the rules of the game.

The game is played until a loser is declared, or until the game falls apart into fits of giggles, or fades into sleep. If a loser is declared, that person will be asked to leave the circle while the remaining players think of a penance for that player. Something silly or embarrassing, as appropriate for the person and situation.


Rules – The Circle:

The Sacred Circle is all that exists. It is the players’ universe. Players therefore may not notice, watch, react to, or otherwise interact with non-existent entities that do not exist within the game. Interacting with non-existent entities is a form of hallucination, and any hallucinating player may be awarded penance points and advised to seek medical attention after the conclusion of the universe.

Rules – Motion of the Football:

Starting with the Dictator, the football is moved from player to player with a series of hand motions.

During motion of the football, the dictator is treated as any other player. Everyone is silent and respectful, for this is a game of highest dignity and valor.

There are two offensive moves. They are the Fwap and the Zoom. These moves send the football from a player to another player in the circle.

There are two defensive moves: the Shrug and the Shrodem. These moves refuse the football that has been Fwapped or Zoomed to a player. (e.g. if Lawren Zooms the football to Dan, Dan may refuse the football by shrugging, sending it back to Lawren.)

No move may be used more than two times in a row. And the defensive moves may never be used against one another.

Just recite the following:

You can Zoom a Zoom, but you can’t Zoom a Zoomed Zoom.You can Fwap a Fwap, but you can’t Fwap a Fwapped Fwap.You can Shrug a Shrug, but you can’t Shrug a Shrugged Shrug.You can Shrodem and Shrodem, but you can’t Shrodem a Shrodemmed Shrodem.And you may never ever ever ever ever ever ever everShrug a Shrodem nor Shrodem a Shrug!! Rules—Covered Teeth While playing the game no player shall show their teeth. It is the most offensive thing to do and is a point.


If any one person breaks a rule or is out of turn they can be called out by another player by reaching out to the dictator by saying “Sir Master Sir, I saw ______________ do __________” and they master then chooses whether or not to award a point.  The master can also ask for clarification or allow the accused to defend themselves. The first person to five points will be punished with a silly act decided by the rest of the group in order to be back into the world.

Drop in a Bucket -At the beginning, each player writes down 3 names that everyone would know on a small piece of paper, then folds those papers in half and puts them in a bucket. -Two even teams are then formed. Teams should sit next to teammates forming a semi-circle (and a complete circle with both teams).One team begins and the first person draws a name from the bucket and tries to get teammates to guess what it is (details described later). If guessed correctly, the person takes the paper out of the bucket and passes the bucket to the next person. The more correct guesses means the more points a team gets.After one minute, the other team gets to do the same. Following that, it goes back to the first team and the two teams alternate until all of the papers are gone from the bucket.These small sessions are a part of a larger round. A round is defined as the time from a full bucket to an empty bucket. There are three total rounds and each round has unique rules for guessing what’s on the paper.Round 1: Player may say everything but the name on the piece of paper.

Round 2: Player may act out anything but may not say a word.

Round 3: Player may only say one word. Nothing more. No actions allowed.

At the end of round 3, whichever team has won more names throughout all 3 rounds is the game winner


Cooperation and Acting Games

Pencil in the Bottle: Group Size: 3-8 people or teams—Age: 8+ Time Requirement: varies-Materials: string, pencil, plastic water bottle

-Tie string around a pencil. -Members of the group then tie the string around their waists so that the pencil hangs down behind them about six inches. – -On ‘go’ the must then stoop down and insert the pencil into a plastic bottle. -Works well as cooperation game or relay race

Assassin Group Size: Varies, large is best—Age: 10+–Time Requirement: 25 minutes—Materials: None

Have everyone in the group sit down and close their eyes. -The leader chooses one member of the group to be the assassin and lets them know by tapping their shoulder -The leader then tells everyone to open their eyes. -The assassin winks at someone in order to kill them -When the group member is winked at they must silently count to ten and then stage a dramatic death -If anyone thinks they know who the assassin is they may raise their hand and state that they have a suspect and then can state the name. If they are right, the towns’ people win. If they are wrong, they also die. -If no one guesses the assassin wins.

Ponk…Is that you? Group Size: Up to 10—Age 10+–Time Requirement: 25 minutes—Materials: Enough blindfolds for each member of the group

-Blindfold all players and gather them in a common area. -All players can start bumping into others asking “ponk?” -If the other player answers back “ponk?” then you have not found your Ponk. -The group leader taps someone on the shoulder and whispers “You are the Ponk”  -The ponk is a magical animal which can see (opens her eyes) and cannot talk. -Once someone bumps into the Ponk and asks “Ponk”, they will not hear anything in return, they grab hands, open their eyes, and become part of the Ponk  -The Ponk grows by holding hands with the people who find it -If one finds the Ponk, they can only hold hands at the end of the chain, so if they find two clasped hands, they must feel their way to the end of the line.

Blind Moo Group Size: Varies—Age: any—Time Requirement: Varies—Materials: Bell or a water bottle with rocks

-All players sit in a circle facing the center. One person is blindfolded and is the “Blind Cow.” -The “blind cow” should be spun around and then brought to the center of the circle. -A bell should then be passed around the circle and rung. -The “blind cow” will then follow the sound of the bell. The game leader points at the person who should stop the bell. -The “blind cow” now has to guess who is holding the bell (by pointing). If the person is right, the chosen person becomes the cow in the next round. If they are wrong, he has to go again (until he guesses right).

Tap Out Group Size: 5-10 –Age: any—Time Requirement: Varies—Materials: None

-Have the first two participants improv any scene they like. Tell them to exagerate gestures and movements to make the game more fun. When the people watching feel inclined, they can tap one of the actors. -When they tap the actor, that actor must freeze in the position they’re in, then leave the stage. The tapper takes his place and must come in in the same position the previous actor was in. He then proceeds to improv based on that position. -The other actor who did not leave the stage must keep improving based on the new situation

Iron Campers Group Size: Up to 15—Age: Any—Time requirement: Varies—Materials: equal natural materials

-This activity is similar to “Iron Chef America” but instead of a set amount of edible ingredients, campers receive a set amount of natural “ingredients” (i.e. 10 sticks, 4 rocks, 9 leaves and two pine cones). -The object of this activity is to give each camper identical amounts of natural supplies and let their imaginations go to work. Inform campers that they can make monsters, animals, sculptures, or really anything of their hearts desire. -Allow them ample time to complete the activity. Once all campers are finished, have them go around in a circle explaining the scuplture/monster/animal/etc. they’ve created!

Short Filler Games

Rhyme Game—group size: varies—age: any—Time Required: 3+ minutes—Materials: None -One member of the group states a word -Each person after must state a word that rhymes -If they can’t think of anything they can either start a new word/be eliminated

The Chicken Game  group size: varies—age: any—Time Required: 5 minutes—Materials: None

-Stand in a circle. -Make two circles (one with each hand) with the index finger and the thumb. Hold a circle over each eye. -The person starting drops one hand (a quick bounce, as if the hand was tied to elastic) and says “B’gawk!!” —The direction is decided by which hand is used; if the first person drops his right hand, the person to his right must then continue the action. If he drops his left hand, the person to his left continues. —If BOTH hands are dropped, the action continues in the same direction, but the person directly opposite is skipped over. The first person cannot use a double B’gawk, because direction has not yet been established. -If someone messes up (ie: B’gawks when they shouldn’t, or hesitates too long), they must run around the circle flapping arms and making chicken noises until they return to their original spot, and rejoin the play. Note: the group continues to play while the chicken run around the circle – this adds to the chance of being distracted, making mistakes, and becoming a chicken. More chickens, more fun!

Dead Fish—Group Size: Varies—age: young kids—Time required: 5 minutes—Materials: None

-Give the group a set time to stop laughing and talking (this should cause them to laugh and talk) -Explain that they should try to be as lifeless as possible “a lifeless fish” per se. -As people laugh or talk, they are out

Great game for a group of young kids with loud voices!

Fox & Squirrel—Group Size: Varies—age: any—Time required: 5 minutes—Materials: None

.-Form a circle of people, about 3 feet apart from one another. -Start the foxes and squirrel at different points in the circle. -Players can only pass a “fox” to the person beside them, but the “squirrel” can be tossed anywhere in the circle. -As the leader, you can call out a reversal once in a while. -Have players call out what is being passed (“Fox, comin’ at ya”)

Honey if you love me…–Group Size: Varies—Age: any—Time Required: 5 Minutes—Materials: None

-The group starts in a circle with one person in the middle. -This person tries to get others to laugh by saying “Honey if you love me you’ll smile.” -The person on the outside must respond without smiling or laughing saying, “Honey, I love you but I just can’t smile.” -The person in the middle can do various things, without touching anyone, to get another person to smile. -If the person does smile then they will become the center person

Ice Breakers

Eye Contact Cowboys—group size: variable—age: all—Time required: 5+ minutes– Materials: None -Everyone in the group closes (or covers) their eyes and wait while a leader calls out 1-2-3-DRAW! – As the leader calls “DRAW,” the campers look up at one specific person. -If that person is looking back at him/her, both players are out. If that person is looking at a different person, the campers put their heads back down and wait for the next call of “1-2-3 DRAW!” -Continue the game to close the circle and eventually you’ll be left with two people and the game is over. If I winner must be determined a rock, paper, scissors game or a veggie off (see instructions later) must occur.

Attention Grabbed My Finger—group size: variable–age: all—Time required: 5+ minutes—Materials: None

-Participants stand in a circle, arms out to the side.  Left hand palm up, right index finger pointing down and touching on neighbor’s outstretched palm. –When I say the word go, do two things…. grab the finger in your left hand, and prevent your right finger from being grabbed… 1 … 2 … 3 … [add suspense] … Go!”. -If your finger is grabbed you are out

Act Your Name—group size: variable—age: 8+–Time required: 5+ minutes—Materials: None

-Tell each person in the circle to choose a verb that starts with the same letter of their first name (ie Handstand Harry) -Have the person who starts state their action and their name, then act it out. -The person to the right or left repeats the name and action of those who went before them and then states their action. -The goal is for each name and action to be known. -Challenge the group and see if anyone can repeat all the names and actions.

Point and Shoot—group size: variable—age:10+–Time Required: 20+ minutes—Materials: blanket or ground tarp 

– Divide the group into two even teams -Have them stand on the opposite side of a line either drawn or established -Two people from each team hold up one side of the tarp while another member of their team crouches behind it, hidden from the other side -On the count of three the two team members drop the tarp and each person crouching tries to state the person opposite themselves name. -Whoever guesses first gets a point for their team